WOODSTOCK '99 presents

Artists for Peace & the Environment

Alexandre Sazonov
Alexandre Sazonov
Alexandre Sazonov
Ali Golkar
Anatoli Kryvolap
Andrea Keen
Andrea Smith
Anthony Ausgang
Billy On Site
Bradley Arthur
Bradley Arthur & John Grubacs
Ken Chaya
Christine Dumbsky
Chuck Gordon
Connie Harris
Craig Cartwright
David Gerbstadt
David Sorrentino
Dawn Cesare
Ellen Frank
Eric Galendak
Fiona Smyth
Francis Pavy
Ishbel Macintosh
Jango Voris
JD Lawrence
Jill Lynn
Jim Franklin
John Morgan Crappe
Juliette Murphy - Unknown & Unlabeled
Kevin Kelly
Mark Gagmon
Matt Smith
Michael Bradley
Michael Knigin
Michael Shapiro 2
Michael Shapiro
Michelle Esrick
Mike DiMisa
Paul Wegner
Phyllis Sims
Planas 2
Planas 1
Regina Tolomeo
Ron English
Rory Skagen
R. Wade
Samuel Orellana - Papoose
Simon Bull
Siv Cedering
Stan Natchez
Stan Natchez
Steve Cerio
Steve Kauffman
Steve Kerner
Steve Lavaggi
Steve Zaluski
Susan Rush's Daughter
Thomad Durand
Tico Torres
Tom Cain
Trixie Garcia & Wavy Gravy
Ulana Zahajkewycz
Van Arno
Ward Sutton
Yuri Gorbachev

      In 1994, the Woodstock Ventures created an Art Wall that extended through

the mile length perimeter of the festival site. Works by Robert Indiana,

Kenny Scharfe, Ron English and many other of the best of contemporary

artists were donated to form this wall.   All who conceptualized, crated,

and donated art works   took the opportunity to use the setting as an

awareness tool to focus on the problems that they saw facing us regarding

the environment.

      In 1999, Michael Lang continued this tradition by contracting a group of in

house artists to create a " Wall of Peace” that ran the parameters of the

Griffiths Air Force Base.  There was also an art tent,  displayed on the

grounds of the 99' festival that included art panels from the '94 show,

canvas art panels by Artists for Peace and the Environment and   photo

journalistic displays of works by Lisa Law, Henry Diltz, and Elliot Landy

taken at the  original 1969 festival.

      In retrospect, Michael Lang, as well as all of the artists and curatorial

contributors were ahead of their time establishing a usage  of music and art

to promote an expansive cultural horizon and a general public  awareness for

peace and the environment. This process of public and personal awareness

through the arts is as relevant today as when Michael Lang began in ‘69.

An optimism realized through participation can be seen in the art panels

from Woodstock ‘99 on display with the art panels painted last year at the

"Young and Free Festival" held in Nuremberg on behalf of the children for

UNICEF in association with Dieter Schneider and the Steps Organization.

Jamie Ellin Forbes

Curatorial statement

On behalf of the Michael Lang Organization for Toll Wood 2006

"Art is an eternal and essential cornerstone in the process of creating great

musical events. Art and music are connected to the soul. This has been

fundamental throughout all of the Woodstock Festivals starting in 1969 and

continuing with monumental art walls in 1994 and 1999."

Michael Lang

April, 2006.




Ron English, Lorraine Bracco


Christine Dumbsky



Mel Lawrence, Show Director; Jamie Ellin Forbes, Art Director & Curator